Monday, 22 July 2013

Do your research

It's been a few weeks since the British Lions tour of Australia and it's already dropped off our sporting radar to be replaced by The Ashes and the Tour de France.

The Lions tour was huge news with massive crowds at all their games. As you would expect.

But what I also would've expected is that Microsoft would've done their homework for their #HoleInTheWorld fan promo.

Any Aussie will tell you Melbourne is Australia's sporting capital.

In fact this week 95,000 people will pack the MCG to watch a touring Liverpool play.

But there's one thing Melbourne isn't associated with and that's rugby.

So why oh why would Microsoft choose Melbourne for the #HoleInThe World promo?

Yes it was clever. Yes people would've engaged with it.

But I can guarantee you it would've been 100 times more successful if it had been done in Sydney.