Friday, February 12, 2016

Tommy Cooper & Lego

One of the thing I always loved about British ads when I was younger was the way they made their choice of voiceover artist part of the idea.

This classic Lego spot from 1981 is a great example.

Of course the ad is strong enough to work with pretty much anyone doing the voiceover.

But if you grew up in the UK in the 60s or 70s then the sound of Tommy Cooper doing the v/o makes this ad even better.

I can't think of any Aussie ads that use v/o like this. Can you?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brands as friends

'Join the conversation' is an expression that really took hold in marketing departments a few years back.

Thing is. Not everyone wants brands to be their friends.

Useful yes. Caring yes. But friends?

Not so much.

After all. How can a global corporation whose sole focus is shareholder value really be your friend?  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oh dear...

Here we have a little something from the golden age of advertising.

A time when it was considered perfectly okay to sell chocolate bars as a healthy treat.

Not too sure about that headline though...

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Need a password?

More and more organisations are making people choose long more complex passwords.

Which is annoying if you like to keep things simple.

Passweird has the solution.

Actually it has lots of them. All dynamically generated.

Click here to generate yours.

I should warn you they're kinda weird.

But then again that is the point. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Audi and the Starman

Audi cashing in on the death of Bowie for the Superbowl?

Or total coincidence as they most probably had this ad in the can prior to his death?

You decide...

Friday, February 05, 2016

Black sheep wanted

Is this the best agency promo ever? I think it might be you know. 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Metallica vs Helvetica

Genius I tell ya. Pure genius.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Not so fine

Rumour has it this clever trick on the eye was adapted from a tattoo on the leg of a lady who suffered badly with depression.

To save you the trouble of turning your computer upside to reveal the punchline I've rotated the image for you.

Pretty clever huh?

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hard to see drama

Given how large images appear on this blog it's bloody hard to appreciate how cute this ad is.

So give it a click and hopefully you'll get a better look.

If not. The teeny weeny turquise headline says: Born To Create Drama.

It's an ad for the Young Directors Awards.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Genius of Gaffa

This just came up in my Linkedin feed.

No idea who did it or how old it is.

Loved it so much I just had to share.